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April 15 filing guidelines from BIR

April 15 filing guidelines from BIR (BIR Bank Bulletin No. 11-2008)

BIR Bank Bulletin No. 11-08 provides the following guidelines to ease the process of filing and acceptance of tax returns:

  1. Acceptance of two or more checks in payment for a single tax liability is allowed subject to the provisions of Revenue Regulations No. 16-2002.
  2. Out-of-District filing of tax returns shall not be subject to penalty for wrong venue for either the bank or the taxpayer.
      • Indicate the RDO No. of accepting Bank Branch in the LBDES field required, NOT the RDO of the taxpayer.
      • Stamp the words "Out of District" on the return.
  3. AABs shall not refuse acceptance of returns from taxpayers who are within the premises of their banks by the close of banking hours of April 15, 2008.
  4. Use of photocopied, electronic/computer generated BIR Forms in filing tax/ information returns, payment forms, etc., in lieu of the officially printed forms shall conform with the following provisions of RMO No. 38-99
      • originally filled up;
      • of laser quality and printed in a white 81/4 x 13 or 81/4 x 11 class A (56 SM) paper stock using black ink
  5. AABs shall ensure that the returns/payment forms and/or deposit slips are machine- validated and the details of payments should be clearly imprinted in all the copies.

All penalties on any deviation from the existing procedures on all income tax returns by AABs pursuant to this Bank Bulletin are hereby waived.

Please find attached a copy of Bank Bulletin 11-08, and Revenue Regulations 16-02, for your reference.