P&A Grant Thornton Outsourcing

P&A Grant Thornton Outsourcing, Inc.


P&A Grant Thornton is a wholly owned subsidiary of Punongbayan & Araullo (P&A), a leading professional firm providing audit, tax and advisory services through its client-caring team of professionals.  

"The P&A Grant Thornton Outsourcing team provides solid first-rate support for key administrative activities such as accounting and payroll. We see ourselves as partners to our clients: We work steadily and efficiently in the background, enabling our clients to take center-stage and focus on hitting their growth targets and taking their businesses to greater heights.”

Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business, your key functions will always include accounting and payroll. As your business grows, these functions become more important – needing to be in tune with the demands of customers, partners, regulators and employees – even as they become more tedious and complex.

The P&A Grant Thornton Outsourcing team can help you with your accounting, payroll preparation, and compliance with statutory documentary requirements. We have high-quality personnel, technological tools, and logistical resources that you can count on to get the job done.

We offer the following services:

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Secondment
  • Other special services


An all-encompassing, full-cycle engagement covering

  • Payment processing, which may or may not include signing of checks and other forms of payment, maintaining trust accounts on your behalf, monitoring cash flow, and preparing cash reports
  • Transcribing your proforma revenue billings and collections to official accountable forms of sales invoices and official receipts
  • Compilation and review of source documents supporting your financial transactions
  • Recording financial transactions and pertinent adjustments
  • Maintaining inventory records and assisting in the inventory count
  • Preparing financial reports and supporting schedules
  • Preparing tax returns and related schedules for withholding, value-added, and income taxes
  • Filing and payment of tax returns manually or electronically
  • Preparing other statutory reports
  • Assisting during audits conducted by any government agency, external and internal auditors

Selective work scope or part-of-the cycle engagement

Special work covering portions of the accounting cycle can also be arranged using agreed-upon scope, processes and procedures. We will take into consideration your own internal manpower and logistical resources.

Recruiting and keeping the right people is an important part of running a successful business. We can support you in this area by providing consistent, timely and accurate payroll processing services using our trained pool of personnel. Our payroll services include the computation of employees’ pay and any or all of the following functions:

  • Maintaining bank accounts exclusively for payroll and payroll-related disbursements
  • Preparing schedules of statutory and internal contributions and obligations
  • Filing and payment of statutory contributions and obligations, manually or electronically
  • Annualization of employees’ income tax
  • Providing secure, online payslips through ePay



We can provide manpower for your temporary or project-based requirements. We will assign staff with the technical competence and qualities that fit your needs and work environment.

Other special services

With our wide-ranging hands-on experience in accounting - related tasks, we are able to service clients’ other short-term and special job requirements, such as:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Accounts reconstruction
  • Data cleansing and reconciliation of receivables, payables, and other real and nominal account balances
  • Inventory and fixed assets counts, summarization and reconstruction


We also assist in the preparation of schedules and documentary requirements during audits by internal and external parties, including government agencies.